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The only decorating rule I live by, is that we need to feel comfortable and at home. Achieving total comfort in a rental, especially in apartments, is not an easy feat. You know it’s technically not your home, there are rules and regulations they make you abide by, and the space itself is never a 100% what you envisioned. So, by decorating around an uninspired space is how I’ve been able to somewhat obtain that at home feeling, especially when you’ve lived in as many states as we have, it’s never truly home.

I’m showing my living room today and I’m gonna kind of dissect each area as I go along. Enjoy!

Image 2: Arranging the couch up under the windows was the only option for this entire space, it’s such a large sectional, especially the chaise portion, that it did not fit right front & center in front of the t.v.

Expansion trick: Do you see that big mirror above the couch to the left? Placing an oversized mirror in a small space, specifically facing natural light from windows, gives the room the illusion that it’s bigger.

Office In The Room: What has always killed me about apartments that don’t come with a separate nook for a workspace, is having my office in the living room. To me it’s not an eyesore, as much that it’s a matter of having segregated areas for different rooms. Truth be told, having a computer out and about is not aesthetically pleasing because there’s the monstrosity of a t.v., but for me it’s a get-away issue as well. I work from that desk about 10 - 12 hours a day, instead of being able to walk away from it, I’m still forced to look at it when relaxing on the couch.


The Kitchen: Rule #1 of decorating a small kitchen with minimal counter space, is by only allowing for 2 appliances to be on the counter top;

The Hallway: Instead of getting rid of the trashcans, which would’ve been more aesthetically pleasing, I left them there to indicate that trashcans don’t necessarily  have to be eyesores. Picking white cans of minimal size doesn’t invade an area as much in contrast to darker colors or of bigger size. In apartments, you can’t get away from having the cans somewhere in the apartment calling for attention, so by minimizing their presence, it kind of softens the appearance and they mildly blend in.

Nevertheless, I still don’t like them.


Stay tuned for more!

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